The Importance of Teamwork

There have been delays in getting children back into school because of the continuing teachers’ strike. Even so, we are delighted that many schools were able to provide some access during this time to iMlango learning tools, with school clubs having access to the PCs and Internet.

The iMlango consortium members came together in Mombasa for a training session and to build further on our team effort. Following the two days, the field teams came away with better understanding of the various technologies being deployed and how to troubleshoot if there are problems.

We have now reached the important transition in iMlango, from installation to intervention management as the teacher training is largely complete, and the sQuid Kenya field team are focusing on ensuring all aspects of the programme are making good progress, supported by Whizz field officers providing the specialist support for Maths tutoring. There are some exciting new developments in the learning content with more stories from African Storybook and we expect some further releases in October and November.

In September we have also been investigating how we can twin the iMlango schools UK Primary Schools, and we are grateful to some of Kajiado county Schools for working with us and giving helpful inputs. More of this later in the year.

Lastly, we were delighted to be able to introduce our Girls’ Education Challenge colleagues from Discovery to one of the iMlango schools in Kajiado. On our visit it was inspiring to see the Maths Whizz whole class tutoring being taught to the class, and the enthusiastic way this school, like so many others, is embracing all the technology - including the attendance system - which is helping to encourage better attendance at school with the help of the community and the teachers. The motto of the school is ‘Strive to excel’.

 Until next time,
The iMlango team