School holidays, community feedback and ToT’s

Although August is a month marked by the schools breaking up for the holidays, the iMlango team were still working hard on the ground to ensure the programme didn’t lose momentum. This month was all about teacher training and receiving community feedback on the programme, and in particular, how it has helped families and their children.

As community engagement is so important to the success of iMlango, we couldn’t wait to hear the views of the teachers, parents and the pupils. So, we decided to hit the ground and find out if it had a positive impact on the families of the pupils. Some of the responses we received from the parents were extremely positive; they couldn’t be more grateful for the impact that it is having on their children, as the programme has helped motivate them to attend school every day. Some even stated that their children’s school performance had dramatically improved since the inception of the iMlango program, which is extremely pleasing to hear. You can read some of the messages sent in from the teachers, families and the wider community here.

August was also important as it was the month in which the ToT’s (Training of Trainers) could now impart the knowledge and experience gained from the programme in the previous school term, back to the teachers in their respective schools. We believe the teachers are now well equipped with the required ICT skills necessary in building their capacity to improve learning outcomes for the pupils. The teachers are also now in a better position to not only gain access to online learning resources through the iMlango portal, but also incorporate a wide range of resources from the portal for their day to day teaching lessons.

Finally, make sure to look out for our ‘Summary of Baseline study’ report which we’ll be releasing soon…