Success Stories

Inspiring stories from the programme.

Chui & Simba Child Clubs

Mariakani town straddles the Mombasa – Nairobi Highway on a flat coastal plan. It is a fast growing town and has a fairly cosmopolitan outlook due to its position as a resting point for travellers on the busy highway. It is a fast growing hospitality centre with rapidly expanding settlements. This is the home of Mariakani primary school.


Joanna’s story

Kirumbi Primary school is a typical example of a rural school in Kilifi. Serving a very poor community, students face several challenges including a lack of teaching infrastructure, poor learning environment and financial difficulties.


Mary’s story

Mary is a student in Standard 4 North at Malindi HGM Primary school in Kilifi. She lives with her mother, brothers and sisters in the small village of Mijigo on the outskirts of Malindi town. Mijigo is a deprived area in Malindi town with poor water supply, sewerage and lacking general infrastructure.


Martha’s story

Martha’s is a 10 year old girl in Standard 2 at AIC Namanga Primary school, who lives with her parents. She is from an extended family and her father has 10 wives. Martha’s has 7 siblings, 3 from her mother, where she is the eldest, and 4 from stepmothers.

iMlango are able to make revolution in education in Kenya by integrating with ICT. We as teachers support the programme to succeed; it assists the teacher and it is fun.
— Sile Christine, Teacher

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