iMlango showcases innovative digital learning technology at the World Bank Annual Meetings

We were honoured to participate at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C. yesterday, where sQuid, who attended on behalf of the iMlango consortium partners, had the opportunity to present our innovative digital learning and attendance monitoring technology at the Bridging the Inclusion and Technology Divide Fair.

The prestigious World Bank Annual Meetings are held each autumn to discuss a range of issues related to poverty reduction, international economic development and finance, providing a forum for international cooperation and enabling the World Bank and IMF to better serve their member countries. 

Over 10,000 people attend the meetings, including 3,500 members of delegations from the member countries of the Bank and the IMF, roughly 1,000 representatives of the media, and more than 5,000 visitors and special guests drawn primarily from private business, the banking community and NGOs.

The Tech Fair brought together key innovators to showcase how technology is being used to promote inclusive development. And we were delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate how our technology, which has enabled over 200,000 schoolchildren to benefit from digital learning access since 2015, is being utilised in the programme,

Several other organisations were in Washington to discuss how digital technology is disrupting development and what could be done to level the playing field and harness its benefits.


At the Digital Economy for Development session, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia discussed how digital identification systems and mobile technology are crucial in providing the basis for access to services such as banking, electricity, healthcare and much more.

They highlighted the need for a global framework to protect individuals’ data, which is thought to be crucial in preparing a secure digital future for everyone. The pair emphasised how corporations, governments and organizations like the World Bank Group can come together to deliver essential services.

We’d like to thank the World Bank for inviting us to participate and showcase our innovative digital learning technology. 

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iMlango's eLearning platform nominated for Digital Inclusion Award


We are delighted to share with you that iMlango has been nominated for the best e-learning platform award at the Digital Inclusion Awards 2017.

This nomination recognises iMlango as one of the leading four e-learning platforms in Kenya, and acknowledges that our use of innovative technology to deliver digital education services across the country has helped to improve learning outcomes for children marginalised through poverty.


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We kindly ask you to show your support by voting for iMlango. You can do this by simply clicking the link below and selecting the 'General' option, and then 'iMlango' under best e-learning platform category:

Alternatively, if you live in Kenya, you can vote by texting 37B to 40199.

Voting closes on Friday 1st December 2017, and the winner will be announced on Friday 8th December 2017.

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iMlango Junior Debaters Contest – competition one prize-giving ceremony


We were delighted to hold the iMlango Junior Debaters Contest - Competition one prize-giving ceremony at Kibaokiche primary school in Kilifi county this month. The top three placed groups were in attendance at the ceremony, with first place coming from Kibaokiche, and second and third place from Kasidi primary school. Both schools are located in Kilifi. 

Champions group receive their prizes.

Champions group receive their prizes.

The winners of competition one, Champions, received three computers, Oxford geometric sets, pens, pencils, rubbers, exercise books, story books, shoes, and school bags. A raucous crowd of their school-friends cheered them on as they were awarded their prizes. 

When accepting her prize, one of the group members, Zainabu said:

"I am very grateful for the gifts that iMlango have given to us, they will not only help us as we do our Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examination, but will also help us as we move onto form one.’’ Zainabu added that the contest had helped improve her grammar, and English performance.

And according to the rest of the group, the secret to their success was cooperation, as this taught them that teamwork is an important life skill.

During the prize-giving, Kibaokiche's headteacher Mr Geresa Motto added: 

"The awarding of the Champions group and the school has raised the interest of other pupils to participate in the contest, as they have seen what their schoolmates have been awarded. We are also grateful for the added computers and the teachers are ready to give full support to the project."

In the ongoing iMlango Junior Debaters Contest - Competition two, four groups from Kibaokiche have made it through round 1, with Champions achieving the highest score of the round with a fantastic 82%.

They are supremely confident after their success in competition one that they will now go onto win competition two!

Headteacher (left) Mr Geresa Motto, and Community Support Officer of Mariakani (right), Mr Chimbungu Mwarumba address pupils and congratulate the winning group.

Headteacher (left) Mr Geresa Motto, and Community Support Officer of Mariakani (right), Mr Chimbungu Mwarumba address pupils and congratulate the winning group.

From Kasidi school, the Zion group took the runners-up spot and the Lions group came third. The groups were awarded a combination of the aforementioned prizes, but did not include computers. 

During the award ceremony, Mr Balozi Juma, an ICT teacher at Kasidi, talked about iMlango's impact, advising that the learning platform had changed girls’ perception of education, improved their self-esteem and confidence, and had helped them learn how to handle life's challenges.

The Zion and Lions groups from Kasidi primary school.

The Zion and Lions groups from Kasidi primary school.

It wasn’t just the top three groups who advised that they enjoyed and learnt through participating in the contest. Kombe, a student from the Blue group in standard 6 at Vishakani primary school, said that the contest had helped him improve writing compositions, as he learned how to construct full sentences, whereas it had helped David from the same group to learn how to read sentences fluently without stammering.

Schools such as Mwandodo and Vishakani who participated in the contest but did not make it into the top three places, said that the award ceremony had motivated and challenged teachers to improve their pupils' performance. Madam Happy Katana, ICT teacher at Mwandodo, said that in the coming rounds they will 'encourage and guide their pupils well' so that they will become winners. 

Congratulations to the top three groups on a fantastic performance in competition one! We wish you the best of luck in competition two...

Until next time,

The iMlango Team