Preparing for phase two

Now that phase one of the programme is coming to an end, we are busy preparing for phase two which will also aim to support those students who are not attending secondary school in the communities around the iMlango schools.

Therefore, this month is somewhat of a transitional period for the programme, and we are taking this time to enagage with the new schools that will join the programme in phase two. We are also busy continuing to provide support to schools this month whilst we compile the endline evaluation report, which we hope to share with you in next month's update. 

In order to keep everyone informed, we held sessions with the Ministry of Education and TSC officials from Makueni County, shown below, with the aim to strengthen the relationship between iMlango and the county officials moving forward.




The in-field teams work tirelessly to conduct numerous school visits every week, to help ensure the programme continues to move in the right direction. On one of these visits this month to Lango Baya primary school, the field team encountered a regular site: a blocked road, caused by heavy rainfall. 

It took the field team a total of nine hours to make their way through the mud to the school, but unfortunately this meant that they couldn't make it to the school that day. These types of road conditions highlight some of the logistical challenges of working in rural Kenya.

Until next time, 
The iMlango team