Smartcards and hardware arrive in Kenya

Our smartcards and attendance monitoring hardware is all ready now. These were shipped from the UK and China simultaneously and arrived in sync, on-the-ground in Kenya. After collecting it all from customs, we were able to press on and transport the smartcards and hardware to the programme head office in Nairobi.

2 large crates were needed to transport the smartcards to the office. Another crate carried the attendance tablets and when it all arrived safely in the office, it was onto the next huge task!

The 156,000 smartcards – 6000 teacher cards and the rest for students - had to be manually sorted by school, and then by class to ensure the implementation packages were correctly arranged.

The attendance hardware also needed to be prepared before deployment. This meant the field team had to download the sQuid attendance app, charge the tablets and install the memory cards. Before the technological implementation, the tablets had to be thoroughly tested to ensure the technology would work in the field

Once all the cards had been sorted, the tablets tested, and it all signed-off from the team, it was time to pack it all away into the implementation packages – which included programme posters and end user manuals. The task to pack everything away is now fully underway and we envisage that it may take some time.

Until next time,
The iMlango team