PC equipment arrives in Mombasa

Land Ahoy! The first container full of PC equipment arrives safely in Mombasa, after being shipped from Ireland. Handled by the Camara Kenya team, the demanding task of unpacking the machines gets underway. The guys on the ground are well used to this type of hard-work, and before long all of the machines are unpacked and prepared to be dispatched to the schools, ready for install. Once installed, the computers will be used as an access point to the internet and to the learning portal.

Teacher training will also be provided as it is ultimately down to the teachers to impart their knowledge on the students. There are another 2 containers full of computers scheduled to arrive in Kenya over the coming months, and in total, will amount to: 3250 computers, 520 laptops with headphones and 520 projectors.

Until next time,
The iMlango Team