UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Symposium

We were honoured to attend the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Symposium this month. The event was held in Paris, France, and brought together the leading industry minds to explore the topic of leveraging technology to empower women and girls. The event was attended by 1000+ participants, included 100+ speakers and 70+ countries were represented. The opening keynote speaker, Cherie Blair, delivered a powerful talk to begin the event, and the subject of innovative technology was discussed in great detail by experts in a series of workshops and talks.

We were delighted to also be given an exhibition stand for the duration of the event, which we used to promote the programme, demo the technology and provide more information to interested individuals. UNESCO Mobile Learning Week provided an excellent opportunity for us to engage with other organisations that are operating programmes throughout the world, and to hear many of the fascinating thought-provoking talks from the experts. We had a great time at the event and want to thank UNESCO for inviting us!

Meanwhile, on the ground in Kenya, iMlango continued its rollout into the schools. Teachers attended a 5 day instruction on iMlango, which went through attendance monitoring and the interactive learning platform. At the end of the 5 days, the teachers were awarded a certificate of instruction. And the training is definitely working as the daily attendance transactions are increasing, day by day. We’re now up to 255,000 transactions a week – keep your eyes peeled for the data reports, they’re coming.

Until next time, 
The iMlango team