A farewell to 2015

As an eventful year comes to an end, iMlango continues to provide access to important learning resources as students prepare for the short break.

The iMlango field team conducted 90 interviews with head teachers or iMlango champions, to understand in greater detail how they were delivering after school clubs that provide additional time on the learning platform for students.

We continued to progress the Community Internet Sustainability Initiative and conducted surveys at 6 schools to understand if it would be supported by local merchants, as well as the wider community.

The learning platform now has even more content, with an additional 30 African Storybook stories available in Swahili being added this month, further supporting the students’ literacy development. We’re also continuing to work with our content partner, Raising Voices, to deliver additional Life Skills content for teachers and students.

The team travelled to a large number of communities to explore the possibility of using conditional payments to improve school attendance, resulting in them meeting with over 50 merchants.

We have seen numerous success stories emerge from students who attribute their motivation in attending school and improved performance to the programme - keep your eyes peeled for these as they’ll be uploaded to the website over the coming weeks. Schools have also expressed their gratitude in being part of this programme.

Moving into 2016, we look forward to the new school admissions and class one students who will be issued with Attendance Monitoring smart cards and ushered into our exciting programme. We will be utilising our new Registration App that has been developed for the Attendance Monitoring tablet, which improves the speed and efficiency of the sometimes complicated new student registration process.

From all at iMlango, we would like to thank you for your support and wish you a very Happy New Year!