iMlango Junior Debaters Contest - Competition Two: The journey so far...

The second round in competition two of the iMlango Junior Debaters Contest took place last month, and we were delighted by the entries we received.

The teams were set the motion: The girl child is more favoured than the boy child. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

We received some incredible responses from the 61 teams who participated; 44 of whom supported the motion while 17 were opposed.

Continuing their success from competition one, the aptly named ‘Champions’ from Kibaokiche primary school in Kilifi county, were the winners of this round, scoring a very impressive 82 per cent. They supported the motion, demonstrating great awareness and empathy for their male peers, arguing that "Most NGOs protect, help and further the interest of girls, not the boys", and highlighted key organisations in their community who support this.

They further supported their stance by arguing that girls are given guidance and counselling classes with female teachers, giving them an opportunity to discuss relationships, careers and discipline, whereas the "boys are left like lost sheep".

The team also cited that recent legislation, The Sexual Offences Act, protected girls and not boys, and that even in later life, continued support is offered to females who can win a special seat in parliament, and obtain financial support. They concluded, "Is there any such organisation for boys? Your guess is as good as ours..."

With a mere two points separating the top three teams, second and third place were both taken by Kwakiketi primary school, also in Kilifi county. Ronaldo, who opposed the motion that girls are more favoured than boys, took second place with 80 per cent, and Avatar, supporting this motion came third with 78 per cent. 

Interestingly, both teams used the same headline argument of 'responsibilities at home' to support their view. Ronaldo believe that boys are held in a higher regard as they are given bigger responsibilities at home, such as ploughing, maintenance and looking after livestock - tasks which help to secure an income for the family. Alternatively, Avatar motioned that as girls are given the responsibility to cook at home from a young age, and can prepare a balanced meal for the family by age 14, ensuring they stay well and healthy, this demonstrates that they are more favoured than boys. 

Well done to Champions and to everyone who took part. Details of the third and final round will be announced soon, so stay tuned to find out if Champions will be crowned winners of competition two.

Until next time,

The iMlango Team