This month's Top 10 iMlango Schools


A big congratulations goes out to the following 10 schools who had the highest student attendance levels in March:

1. AIC Samoei Model Primary

2. Utithini Primary

3. Kavuko Primary

4. Maviaume Primary

5. CRS Primary

6. Musao Primary

7. Magadi Primary

8. Seiyo Primary

9. Mrima Wa Ndege Primary

10. Mbooni County Primary

Keep a look out for our next iMlango update, as we have exciting news on a new initiative that we have been working hard on over the past few months...

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The iMlango Team


February's Top 10 Schools


The top 10 performing schools this month, based on student attendance levels, are:

1. AIC Samoei Model Primary
2. Utithini Primary
3. Kapkures Primary
4. Muthingini Primary
5. Mukaa Primary
6. Seiyo Primary
7. Kavuko Primary
8. ACK Wote Township
9. Kyale Primary
10. AIC Namanga

Congratulations to these schools for making it into the top 10!

To see an example of how attendance is taken in-class, make sure to watch the video on the right-hand side of the page. 

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The iMlango Team

The top 10 schools for January are...

For January, the top 10 performing schools in the programme based on student attendance levels were:

1. Utithini Primary

2. Muthingini Primary

3. Vitale HGM Primary

4. Mukaa Primary

5. Petanguo Primary

6. ACK Wote Township

7. Kyale Primary

8. Magadi Primary

9. Kawala Primary

10. Kavuko Primary

A big congratulations to all 10 schools, their teachers and of course the pupils for such a stellar effort to start the year off!

Will your school make the top 10 in February?

Check back at the end of the month to find out!

Until next time,

The iMlango Team