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iMlango focuses on improving maths and literacy for its pupils


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Over one million children in Kenya do not regularly attend school due to environmental, economic and societal issues.

iMlango is a comprehensive educational technology programme delivered by a ground-breaking partnership of public and private sector organisations, which aims to improve Kenyan pupils’ learning outcomes, enrolment and retention through the delivery of: 

  • High-speed satellite broadband connectivity to schools;

  • Individualised simulated maths tutoring alongside digital learning content for literacy and life skills;

  • Continuous training and support to teachers to use best practice to integrate ICT into schools’ learning processes;

  • In-field teams to provide educational support to teachers and leadership guidance to headteachers;

  • Electronic attendance monitoring with digital semi-conditional payments to incentivise families to send their daughters to school – with the money used at local merchants;

  • In-field teams to support the schools and ensure timely technical maintenance;

  • Real-time project monitoring and measurement.


Educating children is a fundamental of our society. But it’s a huge challenge, and there are barriers. Many schools, teachers and their pupils have no access to digital or internet-based learning tools, nor do they have the ability to monitor even the basics like school attendance.

Education is one of the most significant drivers to help overcome this situation. There are many studies and observations demonstrating the link between education and an escape from poverty, and there are many ways to address access to education. But the most significant challenge is delivering scale improvement in education, in regions such as sub Saharan Africa.


We thank you iMlango for being in our school.
You have improved our teaching and learning methodology.
— Faith Mutual, Teacher, Utithini Primary School


iMlango supports 180,000 pupils, including 70,000 marginalised girls, in 240 schools. The schools are located in rural or semi-urban settings across four counties - Kajiado, Kilifi, Makueni and Uasin Gishu, where in-field teams uniquely engage with parents, schools and the wider-community. The schools were identified according to several marginalisation criteria, including: poverty rates, attendance levels, and girls’ educational opportunities. 

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This unique e-Learning programme has captured the attention of children, teachers, government and aid agencies as it pioneers the creation of a digital education profile for children. You can follow our story and updates on this website as we work alongside amazing people on the journey to deliver iMlango in some of the most demanding areas of Kenya’s beautiful, but challenging country.

To find out more about iMlango and the Girls' Education Challenge (GEC), which helps up to a million of the world’s poorest girls improve their lives through education, please click here


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I take this opportunity to thank iMlango for this superb project. Really, it has improved the rural life of our children.
— Martin Mang'eli Ivita, Teacher Utithini Primary School