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iMlango partners with education specialists to deliver exceptional learning content.

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african storybook 

The African Storybook initiative aims to address the shortage of contextually appropriate books for early reading in the languages of Africa. Our vision is for all young African children to have enough enjoyable books to read in a familiar language to practice their reading skills and learn to love reading.

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For eKitabu (“Kitabu” is Swahili for “book,” Kitab or کتاب‎ in Arabic, Kitab or कताब in Hindi), the educational impact of books is our foundation, and on that proven foundation we innovate—to lower the cost of books for education and increase access to them—sustainably and at large scale.  eKitabu, through our open architecture, global repository of ebooks, and ecosystem partners, lowers the cost of delivering books for education in local languages by over 50%.  To date we have brought digital content to over 650 schools across Sub-Saharan Africa:  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ghana.

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Expanding Minds in the digital space: More Books & More digital learning content – welcome to the home of innovative learning solutions. Longhorn has approved books for primary both in the course books and revision categories. These books address all the learners’ needs in primary schools and they are developed following the curriculum as set by the KICD.

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Q-files is an online encyclopedia specially designed for children.  The pages in Q-files have been written by specialist children's writers, working alongside the experienced editorial team at Orpheus. Every page has been submitted to the detailed scrutiny of our team of consultants. Users can therefore be assured of the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. The site is improved, expanded and updated on a daily basis. 

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Raising Voices

Raising Voices is a nonprofit organization based in Kampala, Uganda working toward the prevention of violence against women and children. Our work strives to influence the power dynamics shaping relationships between women and men, girls and boys by catalyzing social change in communities, rigorously studying and learning from the work we do, and sharing our experiences to shape the field. 



Taking its name from the Kiswahili word for “let’s read”, Tusome is designed to dramatically improve primary literacy outcomes for Kenyan children in grades 1–3 by providing curriculum-aligned workbooks for students and teacher guides - in Kiswahili and English. 

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