A pioneering series of digital
debating competitions


A new approach to literacy development

Learning to read and write is a fundamental right, but for many children in Kenya, literacy is not being developed to a high enough standard to equip them with the necessary skills to cope with the challenges that they will face throughout their lives.

The iMlango Junior Debaters’ Contest (iMJDC) is a fun digital debating contest that aims to improve pupil literacy, communication and research skills. The contest promotes gender equality and teamwork, and helps students improve their confidence and self-esteem.

The format

iMJDC is an inter-school competition that is accessible to all 205 iMlango schools. Each season is open to a given standard, and the the contest is delivered in partnership with Arimus Media, which runs the highly renowned Great Debaters’ Contest in Kenya. Each student group comprises of 5 members. There are 3 rounds to the competition, with groups writing responses to a debate motion – either for or against the issue.

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The story so far...

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Our pupils have taken this debate contest seriously. Their language skills shall never be the same again, because they will learn from one another and in so doing will be an incremental improvement as far as English language is concerned.”
— Teacher, Sambut Primary School

Be part of this exciting LITERACY INITIATIVE

We need the support of organisations and members of the wider community for this pioneering initiative, and your sponsorship will help iMlango deliver improved learning outcomes for the nation’s children.

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The iMlango Junior Debaters Contest is delivered in partnership by Arimus Media.

The iMlango Junior Debaters Contest is delivered in partnership by Arimus Media.